This might satisfy some.  But not others..  In late June, back in early 1990's.  I was having "A spot of bother" at university.  I'd left reserve.  People placed in same flat as myself.  They started behaving strangely.  Not just verbally.  I'd suffered some really bad injuries.  My torso/spine, and brain functioning..  I think it might've related to "Cereal Smashers", or similarsome over things too.  A student suggested I go to Ireland.  It seemed similar to hopefully "banned" from  driving types.  That was rapidly retarding my capacity to function.  So, to be compliant, across to Rosslare I went.  A massive carpark and hill met me.  So, I hopped on  the same ferry home.  No military, dangerous, or similar intent on my part. someone who bears the name of Dewi in more than one way.  The house was unpopular.  But, Wales will understand.  It was just a hiccup..  This information is beyond sensitive.  Ask no more.


(It's a long wall to Tipperary)

Why plastic is difficult to break down:  plastic/Polymer is formed the addition of mers (that's where the word polymer comes from).  On addition of each mer, entropy loss decreases, meaning the polymer increases its energetic stability, its inability to be broken to its smallerparts.  Entropy is the randomness of a system.  This dates my memory.  I go from memory whether addition of mers entropy gets higher, or lower.  Lot's of  minuses and lots of heartache to cloudmy memory.  Dave T.  

Please don't send me post..  My eyesight inhibits reading them and I live in a medium sized apartment which I don't own.  The mail, the landlord and the environment are not likely to approve the amount of correspondence sites like this might generate.  I apologise.  Dave T.

The portfolio of my websites has been passed to Companies House.  Subject to business closing.  I'm a bit worried by it.  But, I wish gnew owners good fortune..  Like Douglas MacArthur (a US general in WW2), I shall return.

Dissolution is fast approaching.   I should've accepted Mathematics degree instead!.  Very ethereal!

Dave T.

I've just read that the "British East India Company" was involved in the Slave Trade, from 1790's to 1834.  The trade was stopped at the demands of Royal Navy and British Crown..  A shameful practice, in many ways.  I'm sorry.  Some people can't support themselves?  But, yes I state here, those trades should never be acted out.  Mainland England used to forbid slavery in England's mainland.  I also understand"The Boston Tea Party involved destruction of "Townsend Tea" back in 1770's..  My name is Townsend.  So, I apologise if my family caused such dislike.   

Though, I don't challenge the religious & nations pride and self respect.  People have tried to harm me, in even earliest years.  This message might not be here in a few days...  Really, we have a lot better understanding of the world, and personal issues, since television?  Europe has been through very hard times over the 20th Century.  Two Workld Wars, etc.  You know, before Britain  introduced "The Welfare State", we faced "The Workhouse" and "The Poor Laws".  That lasted  6.1/2 Centuries.  We might've profited off the rest of the world.  I guess?  

We actually gain from many people coming into the country.  We have a Prime Minister, Mr Sunak..  At my most suspicious, I fear the country might be another ghetto to other countries..  But, its a worry we can't maintain.  Its not racism, its xenophobia.  Mostly due to mainland Europe, and the ultra far right governments.

I'm not sue if I should say these things.  But, a rogue (such as I) can really trouble the waters.

The Bible talks of a sheperd and one of his flock..  We all have a personal experience of life.  Its extremely worrying, as a general situation.

I'm going to close this website, at my earliest opportunity.  Its not the greatest features.  Thanks, & Good Times!

For many years, i thought my father had killed himself, he wasn't suicidal.  I guess.  Two people in a hostel I lived in, commited suicide.  Within two weeks of each other.  Suicide isn't good for anything.  There are people you can turn to.  Therre are safe havens.  if you did something terribly wrong, admit to an authority.  Even if its just attemptong suicide.  Its a matter of honour (English spelling).  It protect the innocent, and might catch the guilty.?  Its the best assdvice I can give.  Be careful, be kind, be string, and believe people care.  Also, God wouldn't punish non-belief.  Its what religion is about.  Learning, "Take Religion wherre its needed".  We all need the things our faith hopes for.  From small child, to aged people..  "In the beginning was the Word".  Think if you've truly lost your faith.

Dave T.